Agilon Health PCPs Demonstrate Effective Palliative Care Delivery

The study conducted by Agilon Health's Chief Medical Officer and published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management presents significant findings in the field of value-based care (VBC), particularly regarding integrated palliative care for older patients. The study, employing a full-risk, Total Care Model, focused on Medicare Advantage and ACO REACH patients enrolled in an innovative palliative care program. Key findings include improved patient-centered outcomes, reduced hospitalizations, ICU days, and emergency department visits, and a significant decrease in the total cost of care.

Contributions to the VBC Field:


Areas for Future Research Improvement:

In summary, the study by Agilon Health represents a significant step forward in the VBC field, especially regarding palliative care for older frail patients. However, there are opportunities for further research to expand and deepen our understanding of effective healthcare models in this area.


Rao K, Goldstein NE, Peikes DN, Polt L, Kornitzer B. Effects of primary care-led, integrated palliative care for Medicare patients in a value-based model. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. 2023 Nov 14.